Camp NaNoWriMo Update #3

This is my third Camp NaNoWriMo update you can read my first one here and my second one here. This week has been a great week for writing!


Total word count: 30,577/50,000

Word count for week:  23,881

Words behind: 0, in fact I am ahead!


I hit the half way mark! When I first started this I went into it saying that I would be happy just to hit 10K,  I had no clue that I would actually hit 25K two days early even!

I also hit 30K which was so exciting.

Comments for the week:

I am really happy with my word count so far, but there are so many sub plots that I’m starting to get very confused with who is who and what conflict goes with what. My main character is writing at book and at one point I honestly couldn’t remember which name belonged to her boyfriend or the boyfriend in the book that she is writing. I should have been taking notes along the way. Oh well I will fix it in the edits (if I ever edit it).

Saturday : I finally hit 10K I was so excited.

Sunday: I got all caught up thanks to my friend Margaret. She motivated me, and pushed me on. If she hadn’t practically made me write then I would still be at 12K where I wanted to stop for the night. 

Monday: I stayed on track and even wrote three whole words more than I needed.  

Tuesday:  I wrote double what I needed to write which felt so good.

Wednesday: I did it, I hit the half way point!!!!!! I am beyond thrilled about this.

Thursday: I am still staying ahead by at least a day.

Friday: I hit 30K three days early! 

I just hope that next week is as productive as this week was.

Are you doing Camp NaNo, if so how is it going? Are you staying on track, or getting behind? Is anyone else getting lost and confused in their plot and story?


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