Hedgeathon Starts…Now!

This post was supposed to go up yesterday on June 1st, but of course that would be the day that my internet decides to take a break.

If you missed the original post about The Hedgeathon Summer Reading Challenge check it out here. That post gives you all of the details you need to know. It isn’t too late to join, you can this challenge at any time. As of yesterday you can start reading books off the list of guidelines and let them count towards the challenge. The challenge ends on July 31st.

I hope that you will be participating and please go ahead and join the Facebook group  here and Goodreads group here. The Facebook group a closed/private  group but if you send a request I will accept it. I just wanted to be able to remove someone if they started causing problems by intentionally hurting others.

Are you participating in the Hedgeathon, if so have you already started reading? I haven’t but I hope to tomorrow.


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