Quill-less Reads (A New Page!)

I’m so excited to announce the addition of a new page to blog. I have now added a “Quill-less Reads” page where I will keep a list of books that are clean/quill-less.

I have had a few requests that I make a list of books that are appropriate for anyone who prefers to read things that are bit more clean. I decided that the best way to do this would be to make a page that could be updated, and that would keep all of the list in one place.I will add books to that page that I have reviewed  and that are for the most part quill-less. This means that there is minimal cursing and little physical romance (or non graphic romance). I hope to be able to update the page fairly frequently, but it will all depend on what books I read.

Discussion time!

What do you think about the new page? Do you prefer to read books that are more on the “Cleaner” side of things, or is that something that you just don’t care about?  Also, if you know of any “Quill-less” books that I should read and add to the list please comment with them so I can check them out.

4 thoughts on “Quill-less Reads (A New Page!)

  1. Theresa @ TheCalicoBooks says:

    I absolutely love this idea!! While, I admit, I have gotten a bit more lenient on what I read as I’ve gotten older, I still feel super uncomfortable with books that feature gratuitous sex, violence, and language, and will always prefer a “cleaner” read.

    If you haven’t read the Matched series by Ally Condie yet, I would recommend them as a quill-less read for sure (I haven’t read the last book in the series yet, but I saw that these books were actually sold at Christianbook.com, so I think that one will be ok, too 😉)!

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    • Natalie says:

      I read the first two of the Matched Trilogy but I never could finish the last book either. I liked them, I just didn’t finish them.
      I have gotten a lot more lenient about what I read as well. It still makes me uncomfortable as well though. When I recommend a book to someone that has any “edginess” (especially when that edginess is a graphic sex scene and I’m recommending the book to someone I know personally), I feel the need to warn them and remind them that that wasn’t the reason I read the book because I’m worried they will judge me for it. I know they probably wouldn’t and that I’m just being silly, but still. It makes me feel better. It’s getting harder and harder (at least in my opinion), to find “clean” books that aren’t published as Christian fiction. They are out there they are just hard to find. I have /nothing/ against Christian fiction, it’s just that I don’t like being confined to it, and so many of them are preachy.

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      • Theresa @ TheCalicoBooks says:

        I’m the exact same way. I just don’t want people to think that that’s the reason I read the book, because there are some really good books out there that happen to have edgier content. I agree, it’s so hard to find “clean” reads, that are more than, like you said, Christian fiction. I know what you mean about Christian fiction too. I’ve read a lot of it, and while there are some really good books out there, a lot of them can be really cheesy, too!


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