August Recap

This post is so late, and this recap is missing it’s picture like July’s is because my computer is out to get me and hates my recap photo. Nonetheless, I’m still going to post this. August has been busy for me, but it’s been good to get back in the routine of school. I read two books, which I think is a good accomplishment with the little amount of time I had to read. I should be able to read more books in September since I have a week off of school and I’m driving to Disney World.

Books I read:

If Only

The Geography of You and Me


July Recap

If Only (review)

Favorite book of the month:

If Only

Things I did this month:

I started teaching again. Getting back into school has been an adjustment. I’ve been so tired the past three weeks. I can’t wait for fall break this month when I go to Disney World!


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