The Hedgeathon 2017

Last year I started the  Hedgeathon summer reading challenge. This year instead of having it in the middle of summer I decided to have it for only two weeks and to do it at the very end of summer/start of school.  I think it will be good motivation to fit reading into my daily schedule while getting back into the swing of school.


Details you need to know.

  1. The challenge will start on August 8th  and end on August 22nd
  2. Reading will be involved, you will need some books to read, (big surprise there I’m sure).
  3. Below is a reading list, not of books but of guidelines to follow.  You must read five books that meet the guidelines in order to officially win the challenge.
  4. Each book can only be applied to one of the guidelines. So you can’t read one book that covers four different guidelines and mark off all four guidelines, you can only mark off one.
  5. There is no set order that you have to follow
  6. In order for the books to count you must have started and finished them during the reading challenge.
  7. Have fun and don’t put much pressure on yourself.

Now you don’t have to do this next step but I would really appreciate it if you did, I think it will make the challenge a whole lot more fun.

8. Join the Facebook group for the challenge here, and the Goodreads group here. You don’t have to join these groups but I think that it could be a lot of fun. You can post pictures of the books you are reading for the challenge and links to blog posts about the challenge. And who knows you might just make a new friend. It can happen. I think this is where most of the interaction will happen. In addition to that if you make blog posts, vlogs, take pictures, etc. That have to do with this challenge please post a link to it in the comments so I can see it, and use the hashtag #hedgeathon I can’t wait to see what everyone does.

The challenge part:

Pick a book that is/has…

  1. A summer romance: A book involving a summer fling of some sort.

Examples: Boys of Summer, The Summer I Turned pretty, That Summer, The Geography of You and Me

2. A blue cover:  Inspired by this photo. Your book doesn’t have to be from that photo it just has to have blue on the cover.

Examples: The Fault in our Stars, A Court of Mist and Fury, Wonder, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, We Were liars

3. A new release: A book that came out in 2017.

Examples: Check out this Goodreads list, it has plenty for you to choose from.

4. About a road trip- This was on the list last year and it is one of my favorites.

Examples: Here is a post I made with a list of road trip books.

5. That takes place in a school setting: This can be college or high school.

Examples: This is Where it Ends, Never Always Sometimes,

6. Historical fiction:  Or historical nonfiction if you prefer.

Examples: Salt to the Sea, The Midwife (a memoir),  Between Shades of Gray

7. Takes place somewhere other than Earth: Space, a space ship, mars, anywhere other than here.

Examples: Across the Universe, The Martian, Dove Arising

8. A random book on your shelf: Close your eyes, spin around three times and pick a book.


To be honest, I’ve done a lot of thinking on the prizes for this year and I’m still not quite sure what I’m going to do. Whatever it is I promise it will have far less delays and will get to you a lot sooner than they did last year.



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