Quill-less Reads

I have had a few requests that I make a list of books that are appropriate for anyone who prefers to read things that are bit more clean. These books are ones I have reviewed, and that are for the most part clean (or Quill-less). This means that there is minimal cursing and little physical romance (or non graphic romance). Follow the links below to read the full review (more specifically “The Quills” section on them), for more details on what kind of “mature” content is involved.

This list will be updated fairly frequently.

Since You’ve been Gone

If Only


The Geography of You and Me


I haven’t reviewed these books or read them recently¬† but as far as I remember these are pretty clean.

The Matched Trilogy

The Selection Series

The Anomaly Trilogy by Krista McGee (I haven’t read these books but from what I’ve read they are clean)