Because You’ll Never Meet Me By Leah Thomas

I got this book off of BookOutlet when they had their Booktoberfest sale. I thought the cover was pretty and the title intrigued me. I didn’t read the summary (I rarely do these days), so I was a little disappointment when this didn’t end up being a romance. However, I did love the friendship between the two guys develop and I got over my disappointment pretty quickly.


Ollie and Moritz are best friends, but they can never meet. Ollie is allergic to electricity. Contact with it causes debilitating seizures. Moritz’s weak heart is kept pumping by an electronic pacemaker. If they ever did meet, Ollie would seize. But Moritz would die without his pacemaker. Both hermits from society, the boys develop a fierce bond through letters that become a lifeline during dark times—as Ollie loses his only friend, Liz, to the normalcy of high school and Moritz deals with a bully set on destroying him.


Favorite things:

Their voices. I was so impressed by how distinctly different Ollie’s voice was from Moritzs. In fact this book is one of the few I’ve read from dual POVS, that actually sounded like dual POVS. You have Ollie who is funny, energetic and just sort of goofy and brilliant. Then we have Moritz who is down right mean at times. He’s moody and kind of rough around the edges but it’s not like he doesn’t have a reason to be.

The format. You guys know I love books written in different formats. This one was written entirely in letters and I loved that.

The medical sci-fi stuff. I really wish I could read more about all of the other experiments and more of what went on at the lab in general.*

Some favorite quotes:

“Nosebleeds = Friendship Maybe friends are drawn to bloodshed. You know. Like sharks”

“If you weren’t born screaming, then you were probably born with too much optimism.”

“Even if you are powerless, your words are not.”

The quills:


PG-13. This book does have the f word but instead of using the actual word it had a subsiture word, fluffing. I found this to be pretty funny in some situations .

Physical romance?



Not a whole lot, but there was a paragraph about a dead mouse that made me cringe.

Will you cry?

I did a little bit towards the end, but I’m extra sensitive to the situation that was happening.

Overall rating?

Three out of five hedgehogs.

The Author:

Leah Thomas, she doesn’t have a website that I could find but she does seem to be pretty active on her Goodreads page.


* I found out after writing this review that there is a sequel that just came out in February called Nowhere Near You and I think it will go into more of this exact thing. I’m pretty excited to read it and see if it does or not.


How do you feel when authors mash genres together? Like in this case I feel like this book was mostly contemporary but with a big dash of sci-fi. Do you know of any other books that do this?


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Book Outlet Black Friday Sale

I love Book Outlet, their prices are unbeatable. If you find somewhere with cheaper prices please let me know so I can check it out. I would like to note that this is not a sponsored post (although I wish it was), I just thought it would be good to share this with you guys so you can save some money too. (I think we can all agree that saving money on books is always a good thing.) I plan on ordering some books to give as gift for Christmas.

Anyway, back to the sale. I just got an email last week about their Black Friday sale. They have a great deal right now where if you sign up (using your email and name), then share it you get a $5 off $20 coupon to use during their sale from 11/24-11/29. Sign up for this deal ends on 11/22 10am EST. Here is the link to the sign up page.

Book Outlet Booktoberfest Haul

During October Book Outlet had a Booktoberfest sale that made everything on their site an additional 15% off of their already low prices. Plus if you presigned up for the sale you got a $5 off a $35 or more order. Needless to say I took full advantage of this sale. I got all of the books shown above for $43.88 including shipping!

img_0408 img_0411 img_0414 img_0416Since You’ve Been Gone (2), Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

I loved Since You’ve Been Gone so when I saw it on Book Outlet I knew I had to buy a couple of copies. I got one to give to my niece and another to hopefully do a giveaway with at some point.  I of course had to get a copy of Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour because I have yet to read it.



Blue Screen, Sweet, Because You’ll Never Meet Me.

I loved the Partials trilogy by Dan Wells so I have high expectations for Bluescreen. I’m also so excited to finally read Sweet, I read the Monument 14 trilogy by Layborne a while back  and I can’t wait to see if I like some of her other books.

Anomaly, Revolutionary, Luminary


I got the Anomaly trilogy for my niece. I found out about these books a while back and I think they will be perfect for her.




The Vault of Dreamers, You Are Here, The Treatment, A Charmed life.

I thought when I ordered A Charmed Life that I was just getting the first book in the trilogy but it ended up being all of the books in one, which I thought was incredible considering I paid $3.39 for it.

Did you happen to catch the Booktoberfest sale? If you’ve gotten any new books which ones are most excited about reading?

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

I read this book for the first time the month after it came out a few years ago, and then I reread it now since the movie came out and because the third book is coming out soon.

I’m not going to do a summary of this book, chances are by now you have already heard about. However, if you want one you can follow the Book Outlet link to the book here. (Where it is only $6.99 for a hardcover copy at time of posting).

Favorite things:

The humor. All of the characters are sarcastic and they have this great kind of dry humor. There were several times in the book that I found myself actually laughing, even though I was screaming “Nooooooo!” in my head.

The POV (point of view) changes. I have to admit, at first this threw me for a loop. I hadn’t expected it and the first chapter from each characters POV was a little confusing since I didn’t know who was talking. But after the first page or so I knew what was going on. I loved how Yancey changed it every part instead of every chapter. It gave me so much more time to get to know and have a feel for the characters voice before changing to a new one.

Cassie. She’s strong, stubborn, and just very real. Yancey has done a great job with that, there were so many times while reading this book that I was thinking “That is something that I would say if The Others were attacking.” Sometimes she does stupid things, but who wouldn’t in the apocalypse?

The guys. No spoilers as to what role each of these guys play. Evan and Ben are so caring my heart melted several times. Sammy (Sam), is such a cute five year old and little brother. I loved the part from his POV.


Some favorite quotes:

“The stars seem a lot closer now. Closer than the three hundred trillion miles that separate us. Close enough to touch, for me to touch them, for them to touch me. They’re as close to me as his breath had been.”

“How do you rid the Earth of humans? Rid the humans of their humanity.”

“Even the most sensitive person can get used to the most insensitive thing. Cruelty isn’t a personality trait. Cruelty is a habit.”

“Some things you can never leave behind. They don’t belong to the past. They belong to you.”


The quills:


There is a fair amount of cursing, it’s not full of it; but there is use of the f word.

Physical romance?

Kissing mostly, I’d say it was PG-13. Nothing too bad in my opinion.


Not really. People are dying, lots of people have died and there are some parts that might make you want to cry, but it’s not what I would call gory.

Will you cry?

Maybe, I didn’t. You might.

Overall rating?

Five out of five hedgehogs

But I will say that there is a part towards the end that’s a little odd. I can’t say what it is or it will spoil things, but if you have read it you know what I’m talking about.

The Author:

Rick Yancey, who you can follow on his website.

Unfortunately, I have not gotten to meet him yet. The day I finished reading The 5th Wave for the first time I closed the book and went to the website to see if he was on tour with it still. I missed meeting him by three days. Three. Days.

He has a pretty awesome and up to date Facebook page.


This book has been made into a movie, you can watch the trailer here. At time of posting it is still in theaters go and see while you can or you’ll have to wait until it comes out on DVD, and who wants to wait that long?

You can follow the movie on its Facebook page.


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