The Hedgies

I love my four hedgehogs, they all have such different personalities. I think they are the cutest things ever, but I may be bias.



Barbie is a bit of different hedgehog. She has always been a little extra antisocial and she has always hated running on her wheel. Instead she does this odd little jog/sprint thing around her cage and then back into her house to hide.

Tinker Quill


Tinker Quill is the most curios out of my hedgehogs. She loves to climb the cage walls and get into anything she can find. She has a habit of getting herself stuck in situations she can’t find a way out of (like getting stuck on top of her house). She is also the class pet in my classroom so she has two different houses and I bring her back and forth with me to school everyday.




Quindy is Tinker Quills mom. She has an amazing personality. Her hobbies include running and flipping over her water bowl when she’s bored. She is one of the most friendly hedgehogs I have ever had.



Ms. Prickle Pants


True to her name Ms. Prickle Pants is very prickly and a bit of a grumpy pants (she’s going through a phase). She has the longest forehead quills I’ve ever seen. I love her face and her ears are just adorable.